Black Hole

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Ewelina Nowakowska


My name is Ewelina. I was born in Gdańsk, Poland, during a communistic reign of which I remember little. I was raised in Sweden and Southern California. Now life’s current has brought me to the East Coast, where I live just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Here I’m thriving surrounded by concrete, old and new, nurturing the poet within.

Concrete? In Gdańsk, where I was born, I remember having the kind of relationship with concrete that I think most kids (and adults) can relate to, leaving me numerous times with bruises and/or skinned knees. This majestic city, now over a thousand years old, imprinted on me an appreciation for architecture that carried an unusual instinct. There are still times I find myself forced to touch what I’m about to photograph. It's also why I encourage my mixed media pieces to be touched.

At the age of nine, I left my Slavic homeland to spend the next eight years in Malmö before moving to the US in 1998. It’s quite an experience to walk through a Scandinavian city, as even on familiar paths I would be mesmerized by how graceful the sidewalks remained even throughout the worst of winters. It’s a feeling that I truly missed upon my arrival to California where focus shifted from concrete to paper. It's here that I started writing.

Prose? Aside from my fascination with all things concrete, I am a writer. I started writing prose for a way to work through life's complications. Now, I fuse my writing with the artwork to offer insight to what I see, the hidden in plain sight. If you'd like to read more of my prose, visit Hello Poetry.